Package Forwarding to Canada

package forwarding us to canada

A completely new retail experience! You can now shop online from any American retailer across the border, with package forwarding us to canada at a low cost.

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Buy online at any US store only with Global Shopaholics, you can get the best package forwarding us to canada

Global Shopaholics enables you to shop and ship from a variety of online stores in the United States.

You handle the purchasing, and we handle the transportation.

How do we Handle your US to Canada Shipping?

Global Shopaholics never compromises on the quality of its services, and thus trains its employees to provide a better shipping experience. When you finish placing an order and your packages arrive at our warehouse, we prepare for package forwarding to Canada, and our efficient package handlers process your package forwarding us to Canada. Global shopaholics allow you to review your order by sending you a few HD pictures and return it on your behalf if you are unhappy. Furthermore, GS tests any electronic equipment on request to ensure proper operation. Other services available include.

  • Returns
  • Express processing
  • Detailed Item Photo
  • Equipment Testing
  • Extra packing material (for fragile items)

How to carry out Package Forwarding US to Canada?

Shop like a true shopaholic without worrying about shipping because package forwarding US to Canada has never been easier! The best retail in the world is found in US storefronts, and who wouldn’t want to buy the best? So, all you have to do is join Global Shopaholics and get a free US shipping address for Canada. You will be able to access your personal home screen with complete shipping details once you join the Global shopper community. Other dashboard features include.

  • Realtime shipping cost estimate while placing a shipment order
  • A clear summary of shipping rates, delivery time, and shipping method
  • View shipping rates, delivery time and shipping method summary on clicks
  • Declare items costs for customs within the dashboard
  • Prompts when your shipment needs your attention or action

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Assisted Purchase for Global Shippers in Canada

Even if you are not a US citizen, the Assisted Purchase feature allows you to shop at all US stores. Some websites in the United States are inaccessible to international buyers, or they cannot place an order at all. At times, payment methods disrupt the shopping experience. Global shopaholics know exactly what to do! You can submit an assisted purchase request, and GS will place an order from your favorite US store on your behalf and ship it to you right away.

Dangerous Goods; Certified Shipper – package forwarding US to Canada

Global shopaholic is a certified shipper of dangerous goods, so if you’re shipping with GS your package is not getting held in the customs anymore! In case you’re wondering what dangerous goods are? Cosmetics, perfumes, and batteries are often written off as dangerous goods.

Firearms and weapons, Food, plants and animals, plants, animals, explosives, fireworks, and ammunition all come under dangerous goods and cannot be shipped to Canada. read all by clicking here