Parcel Forwarding to Australia

All set to buy your favorite merchandise from US, only left with parcel forwarding US to Australia? The search is over because you’ve just reached the best parcel forwarding US to Australia service, Global Shopaholics! It’s high time you end your delightful shopping venture with a smooth parcel forwarding US to Aus. Here’s how everything works!

Shopping therapy from US stores online awaits you!

Feeling gloomy lately? Why not take a virtual shopping tour around the unmatched US market. Shopping is a therapy we all would want to take multiple sessions of. And when it’s from the top-notch US stores no one’s saying a no. we are well aware of the fact that our Aussie friends are big fans of US make. Hereby they consider shopping from US stores pretty often.

The stats show that Australians are huge admirers of clothing, apparel, shoes, and bags from US brands. They not only adore the things of personal use from the US brands but items like games and toys are also among Australia’s top favorite items from US.

Now, all the women around the world are guilty of being absolute stans for US-made cosmetics and skincare products. Why wouldn’t they be? Cosmetics and skincare manufactured in the US are of elite quality. Among the categories, Eye and Lip products are in the highest demand in Australia!

Next step, parcel forwarding US to Australia

Now that you’re done buying all of your most adored products from the US, you’d definitely be wondering how you can carry out US parcel forwarding to Australia. In a world of scams, it’s pretty difficult to come across a genuine company, that would ship your purchase in the best shape and without any hassle. We’ve got a perfect solution for you, Global Shopaholics!

Global Shopaholics hops in to take away all you shipping pains while parcel forwarding US to Aus. We honor your hard-earned money hereby, bringing you the best services in town. With swift parcel deliveries Global Shopaholics offers low cost shipping, so that you save a bunch for your next virtual shopping trip!

What’s in the deal?

Not only does GS solve your international shipping problems but it also brings you extra perks for a fret-free shipping experience!

Accomodative subscription plans

Global Shopaholics offers three subscription plans. Anybody who wants to join GS can do it for absolutely free and become a basic member. If you want to upgrade your subscription you can also join as a premium or business member in minimal monthly charges and enjoy a haul of services! A free sign up and a tax free US address as a transit for your packages reduces the shipping cost by a ton. To know more about how our subscription plans work and what perks you get to avail refer to out Subcription plans page.

multiple companies to ship with

Global Shopaholics partners up with world renowned and trusted shippers for its parcel forwarding US to Australia services. Companies such as Aramex, USPS, UPS, FedExand DHL are on board for parcel forwarding US to Aus. You can choose the company whose prices suit you the most. You can get a complete overview of shipping prices with each company by simply referring to the shipping calculator.

calculate shipping to get shipping cost for parcel forwarding US to Aus
Free fast processing

To keep the shipping costs low and yet speed up the deliveries, Global Shopaholics brings you free fast processing for your packages. If you want to skip the package queue, you just need to put up a request for fast processing. It’s for free! We’ll immediately put your package up for priority processing and deliver it sooner.

Package consolidation

With Global Shopholics comes saving! Bigger packages do not always have to cost a fortune to be shipped to your doorstep. At GS it works the other way around. Consolidating packages into a single compact parcel can save you 80% of the shipping cost. How good is that?

Fast lane shipping

If you’re looking for shipping your parcels sooner than ever, Global Shopaholics is your ultimate solution. Opting for fast lane shipping will get your parcels to you within hours of them reaching our warehouse. Subscribing to a plan will save you $40 on fast lane shipping as we offer multiple fast lane shipping to our calued subscribers.

Seal the deal with Global Shopaholics

Now that you’ve gone through all the perks you can enjoy while forwarding packages from US to Australia via Global Shopaholics. You can further go through how the whole process of frieght forwarding from US to Australia works. Global Shopaholics keeps you updated about the multiple discounts and sales at the US stores too, so make sure to regularly visit our blog!

sign up with GS for parcel forwarding US to Australia