USPS and UPS Mail Forwarding

You must be well aware of the USPS mail forwarding and US postal service forward mail. These two are surely the most popular courier companies while considering international delivery services from the US. There’s so much more you need to know, for availing this service most.

What is mail forwarding?

First, you’d need to get your hands on all the information about, what basically is mail forwarding. It’s not just what it sounds. Mail forwarding is when you move to a new address and the packages/parcels/mail being delivered to your former address is redirected to your new address. Now the change of residence could be temporary as well as permanent.

Different delivery services have different rules for mail forwarding. Some companies offer mail forwarding for free in case you forgot to upgrade your address, but others charge a fee for redirecting your packages to the new address. Hereby, mail forwarding majorly includes up-gradation or change of address.

USPS mail forwarding

USPS mail forwarding offers its service for up to 24 months for a temporary change of address. Basic mail forwarding is for 6 months which can be later extended up to 24 months. Extended time beyond 24 months isn’t available for a temporary change of residence. However, the registration for this service is free if you put up a request in person by visiting their office. If you’re a regular online customer you can also put up the request on their website, which would cost $1.10. The service charges vary from region to region.

US postal service forward mail

UPS does forward your mail if you’re relocating but for that, you’ll have to open up a separate mailbox at that location. Every UPS office/branch is individually owned hereby, special arrangements are made to open a new mailbox at the location you’re moving to. Once your mailbox has been set up, the US postal service forward mail to your new mailbox. The charges and transfer policies may vary from place to place.

Mail forwarding with Global Shopaholics

Global Shopaholics is a package forwarding company that provides you with a virtual US address for free. You can get all your parcels delivered to the address and GS will then forward them to you wherever in the world you are located. Global Shopaholics works in collaboration with well-known courier companies including USPS and UPS.

Now, if you register with Global Shopaholics as a premium or business member you do have the option of getting an address change. The benefit of shipping with Global Shopaholics is that the company safely stores your mail/packages at its warehouse for up to 210 days or until your request for mail forwarding processes. You don’t have to visit the UPS and USPS offices for putting up separate requests of mail forwarding or for holding your packages. GS will automatically cater to all this through its experienced staff. You simply have to put up an address change request on the GS website.

Other great things await at Global Shopaholics. Visit our website or give our blog a read for getting to know about more services in detail!

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