Lower Shipping Rates with Lower Consolidation Charges

Shopaholics gear up for an ultimate guide on shop and ship consolidation, consolidation charges, and consolidation packages!

We have finally come out of the nightmare that was Covid-19. No more sitting at home and waiting to be rescued. Now that we have finally, once again stepped into the real world. We need real-world supplies. It’s time to add glamor to our supplies. We need the best in our supplies. Do you know what that means? Shopping! 

 Online shopping is one of the hottest activities in the world right now, with everyone searching online stores for their favorite products! Shopping and shipping services are bringing things to peoples’ doors and we’re all grateful. 

Why you need to save up right now 

So there are a lot of gloomy prospects for the whole situation, one of them being the collapse of economies around the world. Loosely translated it means that all of us will have to control our finances for a while, save up on things and look for opportunities to spend smartly rather than drain our resources. In retrospect, it was always smart to save up on things but it was never as necessary as it is right now in face of this crisis and what we might face in the future.

So you need to look for sales, and promotional offers and go for the smarter options to stock up on essentials. How do you do that? Well, there are online US stores that are being saints right now in terms of facilitating their customers at a bad time. That combined with international shipping services still operating with efficiency, we’re safe. Additionally, it’s high time we look for efficient shipping which would save us a bunch too. One of the shipping hacks is consolidation. Consolidation packages can save you loads so you can use them in the fore-coming virtual shopping tour around the US market. GS brings you great consolidation deals with pocket-friendly consolidation charges

Why do you need to ship with global shopaholics, considering consolidation charges? 

Global Shopaholics is and has always been your favorite solution provider. If you want to look for a product, we’re here for you. If you want help choosing a product, we’re here for you. Want help choosing a global shipping service? We’re here for you. If you want to know the costs of shipping in a comparative analysis, we’re here for you. Do you want to challenge us with a price match, we’re here for you. If you want to buy from multiple stores and get all your products in one place to save on shipping, we’re here for you. If you’re looking for shop and ship consolidation, we’re surely here for you. Experience smooth shipping and lower consolidation charges with Global Shopaholics.

What are consolidation packages and how do we do it?

shop and ship consolidation is an amazing service offered only by the top worldwide parcel forwarding service in the business. You’re on Global Shopaholics and your heart is set on multiple products from multiple stores. What do you do? You put in a consolidation request. Once your products arrive at the free US address given by us (you’re welcome), we consolidate your products in one box on lower consolidation charges. This saves you maximum shipping costs. Provided your shipping service is not premium (premium costs more but saves time), this deal will save you a load.

Also, since our package forwarding services are so loved and appreciated by our tens of thousands of customers, we have a deal. If your consolidation request isn’t processed in 48 hours, your consolidation fee is waived! Talk about the perfect transaction! Once your product is consolidated and your shipping service has been locked, you need to start counting backward. What are you waiting for? Get those shopping gloves on and request for consolidation packages for lower shipping costs.

Happy shopping and shipping

For our customer family around the world, we’re here for your shopping needs. Stay apart to stick together, and shop global shopaholics because we’re working so you don’t have to tire yourselves going out shopping.