Is package consolidation Cheaper?

How consolidated shipping Helps!

consolidated shipping is the ideal deal. Otherwise, international package forwarding can be really costly if you decide to ship your items independently. But with a package forwarding service, you can ship your products internationally with just a few clicks and at cheaper rates. Most package forwarding companies offer additional services, including assisted purchase, package consolidation, and more.

Package consolidation can be tricky for eCommerce companies that require getting parcels forwarded to them internationally that too in bulks. Sending packages that include oversized or bulky items can send shipping costs through the roof. But with package consolidation, you get to save massively on shipping charges! 

Package Consolidation

Package consolidation is the procedure of combining multiple items from an order into a single package. This process is standard for many small products. At the same time, it is an art to consolidate bigger products into a single shipping package. 

If you own a company and want to get oversized, bulky, or fragile products shipped internationally to you, you need to bear in mind whether the consolidated shipment will serve your business or not. 

When consolidating, it is essential that you figure out when to split shipments and when to do consolidated shipping. It requires planning, warehouse management, and some major calculations. However, keep your calculations in check, and you’ll be able to decide which products need to be consolidated. 

Benefits of Consolidated Shipping

The consolidation process may sound a little intimidating, but it is really a much simpler process. You save yourself and your customers thousands in shipping charges by availing yourself of package consolidation service. Below are a few tips that you can take advantage of. Reasons to choose Package Consolidation 

Customers like to get all their products arriving at the same time. It improves the unboxing experience for them. If you own a shipping business, then you should offer the option of consolidating packages. 

Suppose a product is subject to dimensional weight pricing. In that case, you can add smaller items into the package, which will not increase the shipping cost of the package at all. Those smaller additional products will ship for free.

When you consolidate your packages, you save a lot on your shipping charges by eliminating shipping charges for every single item.

When package consolidation gets tricky

However, package consolidation is not always the right decision when shipping products. There are certain situations when you should avoid package consolidation.

If consolidating packages leads to DIM weight charges, it is better to ship products separately because DIM charges are higher than the shipping cost by weight. So, you’ll save on shipping multiple smaller boxes.

All the international carriers like USPS, UPS, and FedEx attach surcharges for packages over 50 pounds. So, if the consolidated package weighs more than 50 pounds, but the individual packages weigh less. You’ll have to pay a lot more on the consolidated shipping because of the surcharge. This is when you would want to create two different consolidated packages to reduce weight.

Similarly, when shipping fragile items with your regular items, you would want to consolidate your fragile items in a different box owing to added packaging material usually required for shipping fragile items.

Consolidate with Global Shopaholics

Companies benefit a lot when they learn how to do packaging and consolidation so that they can save on their shipping rates. It is best to strategies and plans your shipments so that it’s easy to decide whether to consolidate packages or not. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the process of consolidating on your own. Global Shopaholics team is always here to help their customers. Putting in-depth knowledge of the industry, from carrier surcharges to the best packing materials, to use, we are here to help you decide whether it will be beneficial to consolidate your packages or not. You can also use our shipping calculator to determine your shipping charges before you place an order.

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