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Shipping Calculator

Get Shipping rates using the GS calculator!

Get Shipping rates on your shipping cost beforehand with a shipping calculator is essential because shipping rates can vary significantly between companies and methods. Also, every company has different policies regarding their shipping charges and process. 

Therefore, it can be beneficial for you to find out which company offers the cheapest shipping rates. Start researching before actually ordering a shipment of your goods. This way, you will get the best deal along with the best shipping option for your shipping needs. 

Before you start looking for options, you need to know every detail about your goods, like dimensions and weight. In addition, there are other variables that affect the cost of international shipping and Get Shipping rates by using the shipping calculator.

How to Get Shipping rates on the total shipping cost?

If you are looking for affordable shipping, Get Shipping rates before placing an order with a package forwarding company. 

Almost all the companies that offer international shipping services have a calculator on their website to help customers get an estimate of their shipping cost. So you can always get to know what a particular company will demand for shipping your products. 

Below are the specifications you need to put in a shipping calculator to get an estimate of your shipping cost. 

  • Gross and dimensional weight 
  • Freight classification 
  • Distance
  • How fast do you need to ship 
  • Special handling 

How Fast Your Goods can be Shipped?

Some companies have their warehouses in different locations around the globe. So you can reduce your shipping cost by choosing the warehouse location that is nearest to you.

This will also reduce the shipping time. Look for which areas a company has its warehouses when you are visiting a website for international shipping. 

Also, if you want your products to arrive super-fast, you will have to pay a little more to the company for express delivery. This is because charges increase as you reduce shipping days. 

Calculate with our Real-Time Shipping Calculator

If you are of the opinion that shipping internationally with a package forwarding company can be expensive, then we have good news for you. Shipping with a package forwarding company is comparatively cheaper than shipping items directly through a courier service. 

If you still don’t believe us, you can check out and try the shipping calculator of any package forwarding company and get Shipping rates before placing an order with them. 

Global Shopaholics offer a shipping calculator where you only have a few of your package details, and you will get an estimate of your shipping rates. Visit our website, Global Shopaholics, and you will find our shipping calculator on the website’s main page.

Consolidate Your Packages & Get Shipping rates

You will find many options when you start looking for a package forwarding company to suit your shipping needs. But there are very few options that offer services that make the whole process of shipping easy and affordable. 

A few package forwarding companies offer package consolidation options to get to buy as many sales as they want and then get all the items combined into one package to save on shipping charges. 

We at Global Shopaholics also offer a package consolidation option so you can buy as many products and sales to combine them all in one package to reduce shipping costs. 

Global Shopaholics

The Global Shopaholics team has designed the entire shipping process keeping in mind to provide our customers with the cheapest shipping rates and convenient way to shop with us. 

If you want to ship with us, all you have to do is create your free Global Shopaholics account and get a tax-free US shipping address. So now you can start shopping from your favorite US store.  Give them your Us shipping address, and we will receive your package to store it in our warehouse. 

Then we will ship it whenever you ask us to ship it. You can also store your items at our warehouse for free for 210 days (9 months). This is a great way to catch more than one sale and get them consolidated and save massively on your shipping charges. 

We know shipping internationally can be really expensive. That is why we offer additional benefits like package consolidation and offer cheap shipping rates to our customers.