Freight Forwarding

Global Shopaholics provides reliable, safe, and cheaper freight forwarding Delaware USA to countries worldwide among other freight forwarding companies.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Freight forwarding is the process of moving commodities across borders via air, sea or road cargo with proper planning and coordination. Freight forwarding companies work by managing and processing packages in warehouses. The responsibilities further include supplying cargo, providing customs brokerage and other aspects of global freight services.

How to move your freight from US with Global Shopaholics?

Global Shopaholics comes under the freight forwarding Delaware region in the US. Which is a tax free zone and hereby GS carries out international package forwarding, tax free. Your packages from different parts of the US collect at our warehouse in the US. We pack the packages according to international standards for international freight handling so that safe delivery is ensured.

How do we handle freight forwarding from US to your country?

We help you transport your big packages from US to your country. We use the latest technology and equipment to move your cargo. Your packages are packed as per your special requests at the warehouse. We also assist you on which method will be more suited as per your packages

Why Choose Us To Move Your Freight from US?

We are global freight forwarders and know it inside and out. We help you in the field of parcel forwarding operations and make sure no customer is left helpless in moving their cargo and other big packages from the US. Here is how we can serve you.

Competitor Comparison

Every article you own has an emotional and monetary value; we get how important it is for the packages to reach you safely. You have to choose carefully when it comes to selecting a freight forwarding company. Just so you know how different freight forwarders are charging you, we provide competitor comparison on our page. You can see how much our competitor companies are charging versus how much we will charge for a certain package.

Move Your Freight Today

The size of your packages doesn’t matter when you want international shipping of your packages from US to your country. We handle and ship packages of every size to almost all countries. And you can start by registering for free. What else is stopping you from moving your packages from the US?