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Shopaholics is a freight forwarding US service that provides reliable, safe, and affordable freight forwarding from the USA to countries worldwide.

What is Freight Forwarding?

Cargo advancing is the process of moving commodities across borders via air, sea, or road cargo with proper planning and coordination. Freight forwarding us companies work by managing and processing packages in a warehouse supplying cargo, providing customs brokerage, and other aspects of freight forwarding us services.

How to move your freight from the US with Global Shopaholics?

Global Shopaholics is an international freight forwarding US firm. Parcels from different parts of America are collected at our warehouse in the US. They are then packed, and the packages are according to international standards for internal freight handling to ensure safe delivery.

How do we handle freight forwarding from the US to your country?

GS help you transport your big packages from the US to your country. Using the latest technology and equipment to move your cargo. Packages are packed as per your special requests at the warehouse. We also assist you in which method will be more suited as per your packages.

Why Choose us to Move Your Freight from the US?

Global freight forwarders in us and know it inside and out. Helping you in the field of parcel forwarding operations and make sure no customer is left helpless in moving their cargo and other big packages from the US. Here is how we can serve you.

Affordable Shipping by freight forwarding us

Our freight forwarding us company provides a free US address, the cheapest market rates for international shipping, and minimal processing charges. Our warehouse is located in a tax-free zone, so your overall cost of shipping is cut down.

Free Services

Most of our services are free while our competitors charge you for the same services. Free services include membership, US address, warehouse storage of up to 210 days, special requests, and detailed images of the package and its content.

24/7 Customer Support by best freight forwarding us firm

GS customers are our top priority; Hence, we try to provide the best customer care services. Therefore, We have 24/7 customer support and live chat services to solve your queries instantly. Our services are available in English, Hindi, Arabic, and other languages.

Competitor Comparison

Every article you own has an emotional and monetary value; get how important it is for the packages to reach you safely. You have to choose carefully when it comes to selecting a freight forwarder us service. Therefore, Just so you know how different freight forwarders are charging you, and, provide competitor comparisons on our page. See, how much our competitor companies are charging versus how much we will charge for a certain package.

Assisted Purchase

  • Register with us
  • Share Product Link
  • Buy with Promo Code Option
  • We Provide USA Credit Card
  • US Free Address
  • Receive and Ship

Shipping and Packing

  • Incoming Package Image
  • Free Items Image
  • Bubble Wrapping
  • Fragile Stickers
  • Item Testing
  • Detail Package Image

Special Services

  • 210 Days Storage
  • Free Membership
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • ​Special Packing 
  • Tax-Free USA Address
  • Repacking – Free

Move Your Freight Today from the best freight forwarding us

The size of your packages doesn’t matter when you want international shipping of your packages from the US to your country. We handle and ship packages of every size to almost all countries. So, You can start by registering for free. What else is stopping you from moving your packages from the US?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Global Shopaholics?

Shopaholics are users from all over the world who can buy almost anything they want, from any US-based online store, and get it shipped to their doorstep. *Note: We do not conduct any type of transactions whatsoever (shipping, business, payment, etc.) with the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

How do I sign up to become a Shopaholic?

Anyone from anywhere in the world can become a Shopaholic. It is totally free and really easy. – On the home page, click on ‘Account’. Then click on ‘Register’. Enter the required information.

Once you are done, you will receive an email from us to verify your account.

Log in for the first time after the verification of your account.

Upon first login, you will be asked to enter your complete shipping address.

Your registration is completed as soon as you enter your shipping address.

NOTE: Please ensure that your shipping address and billing address match. Your shipping address needs to be the same as the address associated to your credit card. We verify your address with your selected method of payment and only ship to the address that is linked to that method of payment.

How much does it cost for a half kg package to ship from freight forwarding us company?

The dimensions of the package determine the shipping cost of your package. And, It also depends on the service you choose, express delivery, standard delivery, or economical delivery. Therefore, the total shipping cost of a package from the US can vary depending on the total value and sensitivity level of the package at a freight forwarding us company.

Do you combine the small freight into one big parcel?

Yes, we do. Hence, this process is called package consolidation. We charge a minimum of $5 or $1 per package in a shipment as a processing fee. So, GS consolidates these packages into a single parcel with no hidden packaging charges, unlike other drop shippers. Therefore, GS is a great freight forwarding us company.

Which countries do you send perfumes to?

We handle freight forwarding of perfumes in controlled amounts to the following countries;

·         KSA

·         UAE

·         Jordan

·         Bahrain

·         Kuwait

·         Oman

How many items can I ship at a time through Global Shopaholics?

There is no limit on the number of packages you can ship at a time. Although, there is a limit on the number of packages you can consolidate at a time. Also, Head over to our FAQs page for details. Freight forwarding us helps you do it easily!

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Customers matter most to us. Your feedback is valuable for us and we use it to improve our services. Hence, You are welcome to share your experiences with us.

Country profile of freight forwarding US

Global Shopaholics has been providing freight forwarding from US to countries worldwide. Therefore, We help you move your stuff from the US by taking full responsibility for shipping. Providing freight forwarding from US to Malaysia, Morocco, Palestine, and hundreds of other countries.