Fragile Handle With Care Items & Extra Packaging!

How Repack Request Works at USA Package Forwarding Service

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Only Global Shopaholics is not just a USA package forwarding company, but a closely-knit family that takes care of its members’ needs even when it comes to fragile handle with care items. They strives to accommodate them in every possible regard. While shopping online from the USA and shipping to your country. Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and affordable delivery of your products to your doorstep. Different shopaholics tend to have varying packaging preferences based on their requirements and we try our best to cater to all sorts of repacking requests to give our members the shipping experience they desire.

Here are the 5 most common repacking requests that we cater to

1. Consolidation of fragile handle with care items

USA has a vast variety of all sorts of products that are our shopaholics’ favorites. So they are naturally not satisfied with a single purchase and tend to shop from multiple online US stores during a shopping spree. Paying separately for shipping each of these purchases would cost a fortune. So, we often get requests by shopaholics to consolidate all their products into a single package. This brings down the shipping charges as you have to pay for it only once, and also makes your experience a lot more convenient, as you get all your products together!

2. Compact Packaging

A lot of US brands tend to package their products in big, fancy boxes. Which cost a lot to be shipped, based on their considerable weight and dimensions. So, we frequently receive requests from our customers to repackage their products from their original even fragile handle with care items. Bulky packaging into more compact boxes that would comparatively be charged a lesser shipping fee. We cater to this request very skillfully. Without compromising on the safety of your products during the process. So, do not hesitate to avail this economical and secure way to ship your products!

3. Extra Protection of fragile handle with care items

When delivering fragile handle with care items to a package forwarding company, stores tend to package them protectively enough for only travel within the States. And, not too far-off countries. More often than not, this amount of protection is not enough to keep your precious purchases safe. Through long transits from the USA to your country. So, our customers often ask us to add extra padding to their packages. Carrying fragile items to ensure their safety. Through the long journey and to make sure that they reach their destination undamaged.

4. Equipment Testing of fragile handle with care

While catering to repacking requests of fragile handle with care items, we are also open to other requests that come along the side. Equipment testing is one of them. The USA is famous for its authentic electronic gadgets priced reasonably. So, shopaholics often tend to buy their electronics from the States and ship them to their country. As a result, we often receive requests from our customers to test their electronic equipment. For them, to make sure they are functional before dispatching them. This prevents any inconveniences caused by faulty electronic delivered to you.

5. Product Photos of fragile handle with care items

This is another common request alongside repackaging. A common drawback of online shopping is that the product that you get sometimes does not match the expectations. This small drawback can turn into a bigger problem. If you find this out once your order has traveled all the way from the States to your country some items are fragile handle with care. But, you can easily avoid this unpleasant scenario by requesting photos of your product. We receive at our warehouse before it is dispatched to you so you can ask for it to be returned if it does not match your needs.

With so many packaging facilities at your disposal. You are definitely in for the smoothest shipping even with your fragile handle with care items experience that fits your needs just perfectly! So, shop for your favorites from the USA, and seal the deal with Only Global Shopaholics for a tax free US address. And, worldwide package forwarding Services!

Happy shopping & shipping!