Cheap International Shipping From USA

The global growth has brought different regions of the world pretty close together. International shipping isn’t that big of a hassle anymore. Many people still go round the web searching for what is international shipping exactly and how it works. Another factor that gets the global shippers worrisome is to discover cheapest shipping international means. Make sure you make it till the end to know all about international shipping and its processing.

Let’s First Get to the Idea of International Shipping

Usually shipping is considered as the transport of cargo or fleet transportation through the sea. However, lately as the world has evolved, so has the logistics. Shipping is no more only carried out through sea but also through the roads and by air. In the initial times, the concept of transporting goods was limited to regions that were close by. Over time, it was safe to transport and trade the goods across continents, thanks to the global e-commerce and flourishing growth of the economies.

As the e-commerce took its flight and sustained itself at the heights of success, international shipping became more like a necessity. An efficient online business or even a conventional business require proper means of shipping its products for a sustainable standing in the market. Additionally, customers and other parties involved also are pretty focused on ‘how to ship internationally cheap’. So it isn’t only important to have a logistics that would work hand in hand with your business, rather it should fall in the affordability range of your clientele too.

US Merchandise and its Demand Across the Globe

The USA stands unmatched in the manufacturing, designing and producing the ultimate best quality merchandise across the world. With home to world’s sassiest brands, the US market wins the admiration of millions. All the latest trends and products make it to the US market at first. Hereby, people go above and beyond to get their hands on the uniqueness until it turns common. The web has brought e commerce to the hands of almost everyone. Any one can buy anything from anywhere. That’s the beauty of online shopping. You can stay home yet take a virtual shopping tour across the top-notch US market. But it all comes down to shipping the products internationally.

Not all US stores offer an international and even if they do its surely not the cheapest shipping international. This fact bounds you to have seconds thoughts of skipping buying from the US. Well there’s always a way out to everything!

Global Shopaholics and Its Take on International Shipping

While everyone else gives up on you for international shipping. Global Shopaholics is here for the rescue! GS is an international freight forwarding company which works on a transit US address. Once you register on the GS website, you get a free US address which will act as a stop for you packages to arrive. Once all your packages arrive at the warehouse (also your US address), they are then sent for processing for international shipping to you.

In case you’re wondering what is international shipping and its whole process. The above explanation is all your require. GS provides you a full package of shipping perks along with freight forwarding to almost every country of the world!

Subscribe to a plan on the GS website and unleash the world of shipping perks such as:

Free Fast Processing

Fastlane Shipping

Package consolidation

Package insurance

Address correction

Dedicated shipping account manager

210 days of package storage

Extra padding for fragile items

Equipment testing

The list doesn’t stop here it goes on and on and on. Through all these services Global Shopaholics lets you grasp every opportunity of cheapest shipping international. These services as well as other additional services help you carry out international shipping in a simpler way and much cheaper cost. You can also put up a request for assisted purchase, if for some reason you are not able to place an order on a US website. Global Shopaholics will place the order on your behalf and deliver the product to you as well.

Sign up with Global Shopaholics to know what is international shipping

Global Shopaholics collaborates with various courier companies to keep the shipping cost pocket friendly. Each company has different shipping deals to offer. What you can so is, to simple go to the shipping calculator and put up your destinationation along with items you want to ship. The rates will be calculates as per the weight and dimensions of your package. All the available shipping deals as per time and money will be displayed in detail. You can choose the deal which suits you the most and start shipping right away!

shipping calculator to calculate cheapest shipping international cost